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New Graphic Novels

6 Jun

  I remember my old comic books fondly, but none of them were anywhere near the quality of the “graphic novels” available today.  Librarians and teachers have discovered that the format is a fantastic way to engage “reluctant” readers, but everyone can enjoy the pairing of a great story with great artwork.

The Sparkhouse Kids are all fans of the genre, and we are very happy that we now have a wide range of the best titles in stock.

 We’ll also be adding new titles as fast as we can, so let us know if you have any favorites you would recommend.



Grumman and Einstein have been tearing through the new books as fast as we get them in!

New Rick Riordan!

2 May

Digging Into “The Serpent’s Shadow”

Grumman is already half-way through “The Serpent’s Shadow,” the newest book from Rick Riordan. He loved Riordan’s earlier blockbuster books, including The Percy Jackson Series and the Heroes of Olympus. This is the third book in the Egyptian themed Kane Chronicles, and Grumman is thoroughly engrossed despite, “an appalling derth of giant robots.”